The goal has always been to make the infinite trampoline wearable and easy for everyone.

The research and development of the "perfect" bounce shoe has taken a lot of time and study, but Blast's standards are high precisely because these resources have been extensively utilized.

The trampoline, in general, is a perfect tool in its principle and operation. It perfectly preserves our joints from shocks, accompanies us from the first to the last millimeter of its movement and if of good quality it doesn't even make noise!

The thing we asked ourselves before developing Blast was whether we wanted to achieve the same level of joint protection as the trampoline, which is not easy.

Unfortunately, the few bounce shoes available on today's market are only toys and were not helpful in achieving the professional-level standards our project aspired to.

Too much difficulty balancing, a lot...too much rigidity, little support and no lateral stability, little comfort in the fit and an aggressive elastic return that is difficult for almost anyone to manage.

What was missing? What had not been possible to achieve over the years to wear the infinite trampoline on your feet?

During the research and development, we did many tests, built and tested prototypes with the supervision of biomechanical engineers, posturologists, osteopaths, athletic trainers, physiotherapists and designed and built a specific and unique machine to test, detect and measure everything that can be measured.

The data obtained all pointed in one direction: the need to add a geometry, a "gentle" elastic element.... Which one? ...the simplest: the fabric at the center of the trampoline.

That soft part is an indispensable element because it is flexible and deformable even with just the pressure of the hands. Without that fabric, any trampoline stops being comfortable and easy, imagine putting a rigid wooden disk on top of it: At that point we only get a "bouncing platform" difficult to manage and harmful at the joint level.

All these considerations and the data collected were waiting for an intuition, something that would unite the two worlds.

In the end we succeeded by inventing a "double geometry" that works in two different moments. A smaller part equivalent to the fabric of the trampoline, combined with a more robust and propulsive geometry, all made in one piece!

Once the first functional prototypes were built and extensively tested on people, the testing machine then certified our intuition: The progressive and gentle curve of the trampoline has been perfectly replicated and is now for the first time in history available for people to wear on their feet. Blast!