Blast for athletes, Blast to enhance training. Seven athletes preparing for a major marathon like the Venice Marathon, focusing their training on increasing resistance to prolonged effort and managing recovery and fatigue reduction to the fullest.

Guided by an experienced coach, a triathlete who will accompany them throughout the journey to the event at the end of October. Athletes who, through understanding running, their legs, and their lungs, strive to push their limits in every training session while keeping their eyes fixed on their personal goal.

The night's rest, the recovery between a training session and a work day, the non-negotiable family commitments, the daily life... these are the ambassadors of Blast, Falomo, Quantum.

Supported by Falomo, which produces and markets night wellness through its mattresses, because you can't run miles without adequate muscle relaxation in the hours when real physical and mental recovery occurs.

Assisted by Quantum with its active insoles that prevent and reduce inflammatory states during training hours. Protected by Blast which eliminates joint impact thanks to its special suspension that perfectly replicates the infinite elastic carpet, and on which you can travel long distances without tiring your joints.

Blast in this specific sport is integrated into training as an additive tool in the fatigue reduction and physical recovery phase. It complements the preparation of runners of all levels and ages who aim to diversify their motor program.

Discovering the best use of the most comfortable, personal, and adaptable bounce shoe in the world is certainly one of the goals these athletes have set for themselves.

Through the Blast platform, this specific training experience will be shared and recounted in the Blast-Running program with all users so that its effects and benefits can be replicated.