“Moving in a different, easy and fun way is possible if the world becomes an infinite trampoline..”

This is the intuition that pushed an entrepreneur named Giacomo Masserini , owner of a precision mechanics company, to dream of a "rebound shoe" that could combine fun with adequate and safe physical activity.

Giacomo is a sports enthusiast and administrator of Elmas srl , a family business founded by his grandfather.
The company has an excellent technological background for metalworking with modern machine tools but an intuition of this kind implies a certainly different technological level.

So Giacomo searches for something already on the market to gain experience as a reseller in his country, Italy .
The objective is to understand how the market can accept a similar product that is still little known to people and athletes.
The experience begins with some models of rebound boots that seem close to his vision and he tries to import and distribute them.
Initially everything seems to work and interest slowly increases.
However, problems soon began linked to the lack of reliability of supplies and the obvious limitations of a product manufactured in Asia with little technology, poor quality and development that stopped in the 90s emerged.

Tools in vogue in the 90s recovered from vintage objects sites for the first tests to understand the real functionality.

After a phase of stalemate, disillusionment and much reasoning, Giacomo decides to move independently.

He begins to dream of his own footwear .... Through some acquaintances he becomes aware of a small nearby company that deals with research and development in the sports sector.

Giacomo, incurably curious, decides to understand whether or not there is the possibility of investing in a new project and taking a different path.
The owner of the other company is called Christian Nino , and he is a designer of helmets and wearable equipment for sports in general.
With his research, development and design company he has created important projects for many Italian and foreign companies in the sports sector.

He knows very well the problems resulting from impacts during sporting activities and how to industrialize products to protect himself.

From the first meeting in his office, Giacomo makes it clear that the equipment, production, research and development will have to be done in Italy.

His enthusiasm involves Christian despite a certain initial distrust in seeing a company in the industrial sector invest in sport with all the risks of a niche market linked to a few enthusiasts.
The smell in the air, however, is that of a technological challenge and Christian decides to take it up.
The goal is to revive a sector with a lackluster market due to a lack of valid and exciting products that have never been built with modern technologies.
Giacomo's intuition is that there is a latent and unexplored potential in this type of equipment but no one has had the sensitivity to grasp it.

With a good dose of courage and a lot of enthusiasm the collaboration begins.
During the first months, Giacomo insists on very precise concepts to make the equipment easy and suitable for everyone, even for simple walking.

The old tools he purchased over time have too many rigidity limits, the good sensations you get using a simple trampoline are not present in the slightest.
Christian, trying some old tools left in the company, understands that a courageous project is needed that imposes an important technological leap in the direction of ease and comfort.
The idea of ​​a “double effect” suspension (initially soft and progressively harder) comes up which seems to have interesting and unexplored characteristics under people's feet. “After all, a good trampoline works exactly like this” recalls Christian.
With the fabric you get a very gentle initial cushioning (even just the pressure of a finger is enough...) but then the elastics and the frame intervene and the behavior changes, becoming more reactive.
“It wasn't easy to find the missing element, the old tools behave in a grumpy way especially for light subjects like children” The idea of ​​the progressive double effect suspension took shape with time, many tests and prototypes.
In the design, at Giacomo's request, the central elastic present in the old tools is made optional and the geometry is designed in a single piece despite having two different geometries.

The first jumps made in the company canteen, away from prying eyes, revealed sensations of ease and confidence unknown for that type of equipment and similar to the trampoline we all know.
“The suspension without the central rubber band seemed like something from another planet” recalls Christian.
To industrialize to a similar technical result, however, there was a need for resources, important technologies and an excellent research method, especially in the field of plastic materials.
Giacomo decides to invest, in 2017 an R&D headquarters is inaugurated where all the results of years of research are transformed into the industrial development of a reliable, comfortable and completely manufactured in Italy product. “During the initial phase, many tests were carried out, many prototypes were built and tested, many mistakes were made and we changed our minds many times” recalls Giacomo.

“In this delicate stage there was never a lack of support from people who, sacrificing time and sweat, helped us carry out tests of all kinds...” recalls Christian “A special thank you goes to Benedetta Chietti , a super expert in Spinning and carpet elastic who had incredible patience!”

To consolidate the encouraging results obtained, Christian and Giacomo also felt the need to involve those who also had certified skills in the field of biomechanics. It was clear to both that the sensations of a few subjects or the data of the technological machinery built to capture the numbers of the Blast suspension were not sufficient to guarantee the state of the art during final use for everyone.
In the history of humanity there are not many tools that can be worn on the feet to move around. “Springs” are probably among the least widespread and the science of biomechanics has never studied them in depth. What better opportunity for a collaboration with a university center?
In 2022, the Polytechnic of Milan , thanks to a brand new bio-laboratory, took charge of Blast to explore the benefits and limits of its dynamic use on humans.

“These tests could have been scary due to the technologies used because inside a biolaboratory they really measure, record and analyze everything...” say Giacomo and Christian “...but the fear vanishes if you think about the benefits of having measured data on man which are the only true basis of future training programs” The results, according to the university technicians, went well beyond expectations and were made available to technicians and athletic trainers of every sport who want to consult them.

In 2023, thanks to numerous collaborations, two excellent athletic trainers with proven experience join the Blast team:
Dino Tenderini and Bruno Anzile. Dino was the athletic trainer of the Serie A football team "AC Milan" for twenty years, starting from the youth sector up to the highest level and boasts open collaborations with alpine skiing athletes competing in the World Cup.

Bruno is even considered a true luminary in the winter sports sector, he participated as a trainer in 5 Olympics, worked with the most famous champions, traveled the world for 17 years as a federal white circus technician and trained technicians himself.

Also in 2023, one of the most historic sports clubs in Italy, the Ponte di Legno Ski Club , opened its doors to the Blast project to support the preparation of young winter sports athletes.

Blast is finally included in all respects as a basis for increasing the skills of younger children.

Even a World Cup athlete from the Italian national team, the slalomist Anita Gulli , decides to take up the mission and becomes part of the world of Blast with the aim of constantly including it in her training protocols.

Blast in fact allows you to dilute the important loads on the skeletal and joint system, stimulates the lymphatic system, improves balance and allows you to increase muscle tone.
One of the objectives of its use is to increase explosiveness in those who ski, play football and need to stimulate particular skills for the discipline they practice.

“All enhanced by a movement that doesn't get boring and is fun” recalls Giacomo “Thanks to Blast's patent you can range from simple walking to more demanding and complex activities such as athletic training”

.....and concludes: “We are proud to have done it completely in Italy, with a 100% Made in Italy process that has put Val Seriana at the center of its development, an area that has always lived mainly on mechanics and textiles ”.

From left: Christian Nino, Denisa Popescu, Samuel Masserini, Sonia Seghezzi, Giacomo and Kevin Masserini