These are the exclusive programs created by the Blast team that allow you to make the best use of your tool.

They are not comparable to any other standard because Blast is something unique in the world thanks to its double effect suspension.

Below you will find brief explanations for each physical activity you want to immerse yourself in.


Blast's double-acting suspension technology allows for a special floating sensation you've never experienced before! Walking without joint impact becomes for everyone.

In our program created specifically for Blast you will find qualified instructors who will guide you step by step in using the tool and adjusting it to enjoy comfortable walks with an absolutely new height perspective .

Even more movement and safety in support with Nordic walking poles with the best technique explained by our Blast professionals.


In this program you will find all the advice to best adapt the Blast to a fun and high-intensity run.
The measures proposed by our professionals will help you adapt your pace, rotations and centrality to make the most of the elastic return of Blast's double-acting suspension.

Comfort, fun, cushioning and well-being in running all converge in the explanations you will find within the program. What are you waiting for? We are curious to meet you and let you join our Blast4Run team!


For those who love using "shoes with springs" to perform spectacular group choreographies or simply move freely in time to music.

In this particular discipline, Blast has three extra gears to offer you under the engaging and expert guidance of our trainers. A very low weight of the shoe thanks to the latest generation TPU rm6 polymers, an absolute novelty for these shoes and the lacing that replaces the heavy hooks.

The double effect suspension (BASS) which protects the joints in rhythmic ground contacts especially if they occur on both feet.
The possibility of best calibrating the suspension thanks to the interchangeable elastics available in 4 variants.
What are you waiting for? Safe fun is finally here!


For winter sports, maintaining muscles in the summer months is essential for athletes, amateurs and tourists.
Using Blast by adding it to your preparation means reducing injuries , keeping yourself at the top of your game and increasing your balance in all conditions.

Within this program you will find the exercises created by a team of professional athletic trainers who follow high-level athletes who have decided to include Blast in their circuits to protect their joints during plyometric work. Suitable for increasing motor skills and expanding sensations!

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