A DOUBLE EFFECT suspension that PROTECTS the JOINTS from the first exercise

The new BASS (Blast Apex Spring System) technology finally allows you to overcome the limits of the most common sports shoes and rebound shoes developed in past years with rigid elastic bands and without adjustments. These old recreational shoes often end up causing micro shocks that are harmful to the joints and postural problems. The patented system of the Blast shoes, in addition to including the typical behavior of the trampoline, accompanies the push and support in a gradual and comfortable way , not limited to the age, weight and height of the user. A sports accessory created for training and having fun, which offers comfort and a pleasant sensation of floating never experienced before!


Precision in movements and centrality in their execution occur only when the feeling with the equipment is at the highest level. Harmony in movement is the reflection of this condition. With Blast , athletes also express their skills safely by increasing their performance .

Safety is not to be underestimated!

A front and rear limit switch system, a frame with lateral guides for maximum suspension control, a double polymer rubber sole like modern running shoes.
These are just some of the innovations included in the Blast to allow everyone to feel safe while carrying out any activity.

aesthetics, functionality and quality made in Italy

Thanks to the great stability of the suspension , Blast shoes are made with the same aesthetic and structural care as modern sports shoes.

A product available in many sizes , with a special upper in breathable , colored and hand-sewn material.

Personalized fit and ergonomic design for absolute comfort

To ensure a truly personal fit and a secure, comfortable fit throughout your workout, our rebound shoes use a micrometric hook with metal lever , along with generous, sturdy lacing and an ergonomic footbed .

All this to guarantee uncompromising comfort and high robustness , comparable to that of a normal sports shoe!

The aesthetic design and bright color also make the Blast rebound shoes a fashion sports product with a personalized and unmistakable style.



Find out about our Blast, manual and technical data sheet are always at your disposal


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