Blast, high-level athletic training for every sportsman.



It's been a few months since the snow left the ski slopes and the football championships ended.

But it's almost time to start over, sportsmen and athletes are right now at the heart of preparation programs to maintain and improve their performance.

It is from here that Blast with its patented technology takes the field to create a series of exercises dedicated to those who need plyometric activity, isometrics, balance and general increase in motor skills while preserving their joints.

The muscles stimulated with intensity and with rapid movements combined with the game for the younger categories and exercises on the individual athlete to improve a multitude of aspects related to coordination in a condition of dynamic balance.

What better way to combine all these needs than to wear a pair of Blasts suitably calibrated for the required load?

Let's just make a comment on the flight time in the skip that even top-level athletes sometimes find it difficult to perform with absolute precision.

With the suspension of Blast, this time expands just enough to think about a less hasty execution and to imprint the right timing and coordination with the upper limbs in the motor memory.

These basic concepts and many more will be covered in the program Blast 4 Skiers in preparation for the end of October and presented at the fair Ski pass of Modena 2023.

All this thanks to the well-established collaboration with lo Ski Club Bridge of Wood, The Politecnico di Milano and a new contributor to the Balst team: Dino Tenderini athletic trainer with twenty years of experience in Serie A football clubs and Alpine ski athletes involved in the World Cup.

..... we couldn't be more "professional"!


The BLAST Team.